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I've been making way too many sims lately. I've also finally extracted some of the aliens my multi-pt mod spawned.
Is it just me or are my sims getting a bit same-faced? I feel like I should get out of my comfort zone more (also, why are all the zombies I make red-haired? XD)

Oh yeah, before I forget: All skintones and eyes are geneticized (except the zombie one) ;D

Charlie's greatest dream is to become a rock legend and it seems he's got everything it takes. Like many legends he's already dead and he's very charismatic (well, for a dead person, anyway). It's just so hard to play the guitar if your fingers keep falling off at random times.

Bodyshop preview | CC |

Dowload Charlie
Dowload Charlie without CC

Mariella is angry at the world. Very much super duper angry. Because you know, the world is full of evil governments and zomg, oppression!!!1!!
When she's not trying to look tough, Mariella enjoys a nice cup of tea and organizing her stamp collection.

Bodyshop preview | CC |

Download Mariella
Download Mariella without CC

Moses is the kind of guy who gets through life by doing nothing. You could say he's got more luck than brains but it's not like he's stupid. He just can't be bothered.

Bodyshop preview
| CC |

Download Moses
Download Moses without CC

Annabella comes from a long line of witches. Though, she's more interested in eccentric fashion than usual witch stuff, much to the dismay of her family who wanted her to inherit the family business.

Bodyshop Preview | CC |

Download Annabella
Download Annabella without CC

Giovanni is a real charmer. He likes candlelight dinners and showering the woman of his dreams with roses. The only women that were impressed by his cheesy pick-up lines, though were the elderly women who shop at the bakery he works at.

Bodyshop Preview | CC |

Download Giovanni
Download Giovanni without CC

Kriemhild is a rather sweet person but terribly paranoid. She's convinced someone or something is out to get her. It's just no one believes her conspiracy theories, even though she saw her neighbour get abducted by flying llamas.

Bodyshop preview | CC |
The top she's wearing is a default replacement by [personal profile] aquilegia , so she will probably show up with a different one if you download the CC version. I noticed that a bit late :C

Download Kriemhild
Download Kriemhild without CC

And now some of the extracted aliens which are the product of my Merfolk multi-pt mod. They all come without custom content because... well, because :P

Thetis who is actually a plantsim in my game.

Bodyshop preview

Download Thetis

Doris who from certain angles looks a bit like an alien version of Susan Sarandon (at least, I think she does)

Bodyshop preview

Download Doris

Nereus who is crazy about the Beatles.

Bodyshop preview

Download Nereus

Ligeia who has the most self-obsessed personality. I wonder where she got that from...

Bodyshop preview

Download Ligeia

Kalypso who is possibly my favourite out of these. She's also a bit creepy as toddler.

Bodyshop preview

Download Kalypso

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