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Thanks to the latest weekly challenge, my legacy family got a new house. I always complained about how ridiciously wealthy they got and when I demolished their old house, they had about 100,000 simoleons. And it's just the second generation :O

Well, I spent all their money on the new house and that wasn't enough, so it's not really finished (and no loans for them because they'll need to borrow money for the bills)

It's only orange on the outside. Inside, not so much.

This is the main bath room on the first floor. There's also a guest toilet and another smaller bath room on the second floor. (I'm kinda proud of myself that I didn't forget them this time XD)

Bed room of the oldest daughter who's name unfortunately is Bruce. I think all the patterns make up for the lack of wallhangings :D

The kitchen. I really, really wanted to have orange countertops, even though it looks kinda ugly.

Bad picture of the dining area. I love this kind of split-level but the lighting is horrible. Whatever.

I love huge windows. I can almost never fit them into a house but I love them. Especially when the view is nice.

I told you I was running out of money. Perhaps when they're out of debt, I'll buy them some paintings.

Grandma and the younger daughter sleep here. It looks pretty empty.

Bed room of the sons. It has a poster, yay!

And the master bed room. Just imagine how awesome it would've looked with a little bit more furniture XD

Oh, before I forget, I added a resource list to the sticky at the top. It isn't quite complete yet but it should give a rough outline where I got most of the stuff I have.
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