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Howdy! Have some sims before I forget about them :P

Vera has been dying a lot recently. The first time was when her long-term girlfriend suddenly left her to join a hippie cult. Her second death was less sudden but it was as hard to cope with as the first one. Maybe even harder.
One day, on the way to her support group meeting, Vera got lost and ended up in a meeting for people with drinking problems. There she met her new hot vampire girlfriend. Even though it was obvious that she would die and become a vampire, too eventually, it still freaked her out when it actually happened.
Every death is a new beginning, though and so everything turned out alright. Maybe.

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For Bridget living an ordinary life always felt wrong. Coming home from work to her loving girlfriend was never quite enough. She missed the excitement, so one day Bridget just packed her bags and told her girlfriend that she's more in love with the world than her. She also quit her job as a waitress, changed her name to Aura Solardancer and moved to an old farm just outside the city where some other freedom-loving spirits live.

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Joanna hasn't been a vampire for long but she loves every second of it. Especially all the blood. This love, though, has caused a lot of trouble for her. You see, Joanna is someone who doesn't know when to stop. She tastes one drop of blood and she's going to suck every single person in the room dry. And because that's quite the rude thing to do, she now has to work on her drinking problems. Otherwise she'll probably get chased out of town by an angry mob with pitchforks or something.

Uhm, I just noticed that apparently Joanna got packaged with a moustache. She doesn't have one, I swear, so you can just uncheck that in CleanInstaller. I don't know how it got in there O.o

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This is Ingo (or angry hipster man as I like to call him :P), he sometimes models for a friend in his spare time (his actual job is exterminator but killing vermin for a living doesn't sound as awesome, so let's not talk about it). He'd love to become a full-time model but so far his arrogant attitude prevented him from getting any real jobs. Even though it is no secret that he has a cruel streak and likes to talk down to others, he's still a pretty popular guy. But that's probably just because people don't want to realise that there's no heart of gold hidden behind Ingo's rough exterior.

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Yngve doesn't care for tomorrow, he lives today (if you can call a zombie alive). A regular job? A nice house? Fancy car? Not important for Yngve. If he needs money, he tries to sell one of his paintings or maybe he borrows money from suspicious characters. You know, no risk, no fun. And it's not like they could kill him again, right?

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As usual: all skins (except Yngve's) are geneticised, same with eyes. Oh, yeah, and let me know if I linked something wrong again ;)

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