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So, lately I've been playing Sims 3 but my save game with the epic story about a gold digger got borked when I was at the point where the family basically owned the town and that's why I started a new one. Well, it's not really a story or a legacy or anything. Just pic spam of my surprisingly boring looking Sims 3 game, I guess.

This right here is Parsley Schnittlauch and his girlfriend Molly French, who he just met (seeing as this is Parsley's first day in Sunset Valley).

Some facts about Parsley. First of all, he dreams of being a heartbreaker. He's a flirty guy with commitment issues and he enjoys nature very much which is why he's a vegetarian. He also doesn't have job but there's always other people one can mooch off, right?

And this is Parsley's roomie Ruth Horn.
Things to know about Ruth: this picture gives a completely false impression of her because Ruth is neither a good sim nor does she have any sense of humour. She's also an absent-minded klepto with a light sleep and so it didn't surprise anyone when Ruth told them she aspires to become a master thief.

So back to Parsley's girlfriend Molly, who isn't only creepy as fuck, no...

Molly's a train wreck.

"Oh my God, is she dead?"
"Well, let's better get rid of the body fast then."

"I can't even look, what if they think I killed her? There aren't any women in jail, are there?"

But thank God, Molly arose to yell at the stereo like a maniac before Ruth got the chance to chop her up and put her in the freezer.

"So, you only know her a few hours and you're already head over heels?"
"That's so not true!"
"Sure, whatever you say."

"We've been together for like six hours and you seem pretty easy. We should totally woohoo."

Ahem, magic makeover woohoo ;D

The morning after, Parsley is still not in love and Molly... well...

Molly uses the undisturbed moment to confess her love to Parsley's leftovers. It's surprising that she didn't take some home.

It just gets better and better.

"Those are real, aren't they?"
Parsley doesn't waste any time but...

...somehow Jamie doesn't find him too charming and rushes off to work.

In front of the bookstore, he meets the broken-hearted Dorothy DeMayo.

"We should like watch the sunset together or something back at my place"

While Dorothy almost immediately heads off to bed, Parsley does what every sim in my game does: raging about the toilet that breaks every two days.

Parsley sure knows how to pick up the crazy ones. I don't even know what this is supposed to be.

"You will regret waking me up one day, Parsley. One day..."

After Ruth and Dorothy rushed off to work, Parsley invites Molly over who seems to have bought a new perfume.


"Sooo, we've been together for about two days now, would you lend me a large sum of money?"

Meanwhile, Ruth gets arrested for looking like a criminal. Honestly, the officer sounded like he doesn't have any clue why he's arresting her.

But where is the officer?

Ah, there he is. And Ruth doesn't look too unhappy about her arrest.

And that's all so far. I think I'm going to move them to a better house because I suck at building in TS3, also more of Ruth next time ;)
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