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So, to celebrate reaching the 300 followers mark over at tumblr, here's a mixed bag of sims. TS3 sims hopefully soon too follow. :D

Oh, and before I forget, I didn't do CC-versions this time because it's honestly too time-consuming for me (yes, I'm lazy :P)

This is Blondie. You see, her mother always wished for a blond girl but obviously she didn’t get one. Now Blondie is kinda stuck with lots of dumb comments about her hair colour. She dyed it once but of course, that didn’t change the fact that Blondie is a bit of a stupid name (still better than Brownie, though). So, most of the time she just goes by Griselda if she meets new people until she can get her name changed officially.

Bodyshop preview

Download Blondie

"OMG! U r soo meen!!1!" is what Soledad hears most often. Mainly because she just can't keep her mouth shut when it would be better to say nothing. Silence is golden, think before you speak - all things that are way overrated if you ask Soledad.

Bodyshop preview

Download Soledad

This is Joan. Who she is, where she came from, no one really knows. One day she just appeared on Dale Pellegrino’s (the local politics teacher) doorstep claiming to be his long lost wife, even though being obviously much younger and looking nothing like her. He let her stay hoping she might know something about his wife’s mysterious disappearance.

Bodyshop preview

Download Joan

Otto and Robert are the bestest best friends forever and ever. They're basically like Siamese twins which is why both of them seem to have trouble to find a girlfriend.

Bodyshop preview Otto | Bodyshop preview Robert

Download Otto
Download Robert

Joshua Franco owns a small tattoo studio which is going rather well considering he’s not doing any real tattoos. Being more or less averse to pain, Joshua caters to the like-minded by selling stick-on tattoos.
He’d like to start a family one day but so far, it’s been a bit difficult to find a woman who can take him seriously after hearing about his occupation.

Bodyshop preview

Download Joshua

Greg doesn’t really do anything. He’s just hanging around and enjoying the nice things in life.
Oh, and he’s really into ghosts. Preferably that of his current roommate.

Bodyshop preview

Download Greg

I actually made Julius a while ago for the GoS Sim Challenge but never got around to take pictures of him until now. I believe he was inspired by the prompt ‘duke’ which somehow reminded me of a Mighty Boosh quote which then turned into something completely different.

Bodyshop preview

Download Julius

Tobias likes to complain. He likes to complain a lot. Everything and everyone has to be absolutely perfect. He usually doesn’t leave his apartment a lot but if he does, you can be sure he’s driving his neighbours up the walls.

Bodyshop preview

Download Tobias

Tabea might not be the prettiest girl in town but she sure has the most confidence.

Bodyshop preview

Download Tabea

This is Tamara. She can tell you all about how hard it is to be hip all the time.
And it's really hard, okay?

Bodyshop preview

Download Tamara

Newtfire, a not-so-evil evil alien sorceress.

Bodyshop preview

Download Newtfire

Univers Condensed,  a spare from the Good Genes Challenge.

Bodyshop preview

Download Univers Condensed

Comic Sans, a spare from the Good Genes Challenge.

Bodyshop preview

Download Comic Sans

Helvetica, mother of Futura Semibold.

Bodyshop preview

Download Helvetica

Futura Semibold, the final result of the Good Genes Challenge.

Bodyshop preview

Download Futura Semibold

The usual TOU apply.

Have fun! :D


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