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I haven't shared a bunch of sims like this in a while, so here it is. This time actually with CC versions (even though, I hate to do them because it's extra work but I know there's people who enjoy them) because I don't know when I'll be able to share things again. I need to get back to my University stuff soon because I failed two of my exams last semester and need to do some extra learning. Hopefully, then I'll show Actionscript who's the boss :D

But enough of my rambling, here's the promised sims!

Frank plays in Strangetown’s tiniest metal band. It’s just him, you know, so technically, it’s not really a band but whatever, man. Someone needs to bring the epic tales of the llamapocalypse to the common folk and that’s what Frank does.

Bodyshop preview | CC list

Download Frank
Download Frank without CC

Marta is just your average rowdy from the future who fights for the rights of chocolate bunnies.

Bodyshop preview | CC list (packaged with a different outfit because those are not ready to be shared yet)

Download Marta
Download Marta without CC

Leopold always wanted to be Batman but instead he’s just a mail man (a bad one, too. He likes to read the mail before delivering it. Especially if it looks like a love letter). Well, he can always pretend to be Batman on every single dating website he can find. He hasn’t had a dull date ever since.

Bodyshop preview | CC list | Non-default facetemplate

Download Leopold
Download Leopold without CC

Evelyn writes poetry. But not just any poetry. Evelyn writes about the important stuff. Duckface or myspace angle for your profile page? Why does it always start to rain when you’re washing your car? Is there really a man in the moon and if yes, does he like poetry?

Bodyshop preview | CC list

Download Evelyn
Download Evelyn without CC

Theo Mörderbalg likes to act all shy and dorky, even though he’s far from it. He also likes cute girls with fake glasses. However, he does not like to talk about his chest tattoo. It’s not supposed to be his mother, it’s the actress from that really great movie about the importance of Grilled Cheese in today’s modern society. But you wouldn’t know her anyway.

Bodyshop preview | CC list (packaged with different, less gappy pants :P)

Download Theo
Download Theo without CC

Dorothea von Winkelstein comes from an old vampire dynasty, although with the family crypt destroyed there's not much more left than the name. While the other Winkelsteins have moved on, Dorothea still likes to live the old way (and be a stereotypical horror-movie vampire).

Bodyshop preview | CC list

Download Dorothea
Download Dorothea without CC

My usual TOU apply. If I fucked up somewhere, please let me know :)

Have fun!

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