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I'll try not to neglect Elsewhere too much, now that I'm distracted by the Mooses :D

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First of all, thank you for all the love for the recolours I shared recently. I really don't know what to say <3
Also, my photobucket is out of bandwith again, lol. I'll be transfering the previews for downloads to another host, though.

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Sooo, finally I have time to post some more pictures. Last week was quite stressful. I had to draw a poster for a friend's birthday, finish some stupid homework for an exam (which I took yesterday) so I can maybe get into that uni. Though I'm not really confident about passing the exam, I don't think I was creative enough but well, then I go and study something else XD
Oh, and I did have time to go to the cinema last week. My friends wanted to go and see Red Riding Hood which was a big disappointment. I didn't expect anything else when I read what the film is about. It's mainly aimed at Twilight fans, being from the same producers and such. I don't know, the story is veeery predictable and I have to say, it's a shame the cinemas in my town show this film but not Brighton Rock. I wanted to see that and not stupid werewolves  >:C the metal elephant thing was kind of awesome, though

But enough of that now, let's have pictures!
I played the Lang household and I think Alva might be my new favourite teenager.

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I still have no original name for my 'hood but anyway, here are some more pictures of what's happening around town. I have too much fun with this neighbourhood at moment (I wish I could say the same for my asylum :C)

Skipping childhood, this is Nisse's daughter Svanhild. She's my favourite at the moment.

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Recently I installed Seasons, went Maxis-Match and started a new neighbourhood (again and I'm still working on my Sims 1 'hood XD). I really fell in love with plasticbox's Elsewhere. The people who live there are a bit strange. I have lots of parents who don't want to change diapers and a romance sim who actually wants a child O.o

Because one of my old 'hoods semi-exploded I never got to see the adult years of my favourite in-game born sim ever. Luckily, I already had extracted little Nisse :D

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