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From earlier posts you might know that I'm still very in love with Sims 1 and if you hang around GoS you might also know that I like to draw. Well, here's a combination of both :D

Slightly bigger here.

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No, it isn't but I have been reading Bradbury's Halloween Tree and a book with ghost stories recently. I guess that inspired me to decorate this house which has been in my house bin for a while. I think someone might recognise it (hint: remember the good ol' times in Magic Town? :D)

... )

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It's my second attempt at remaking the Sims 1 neighbourhood and I'm quite excited about it. Right now, the neighbourhood itself is a bit empty. There's so many houses to build D:
And I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do about those families who had pets. I mean, that old woman with her three or four cats is just going to be an old woman in my game. Hm, maybe I just put a bear or something in her garden, then :D

Aaaand because they're my favourite (TS1) family ever, have an incomplete family portrait of the von Spinnwebs (I'm using the German names because I like them better and that's how I've always known them. The Goths in Sims 2 are not quite the same family in my head XD)
I forgot to put Gandalf (Kassandra's little brother. Don't ask me why he's named Gandalf :D) in the picture which bothers me a little bit because I'm really proud of his face. He looks adorably weird and of course nothing like his parents because yay, random Sims 1 "genetics" XD


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