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Feb. 26th, 2011 11:50 am
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Hi, I'm Backerbse and this is my journal where I share mostly pictures of my sims, well and sometimes the occasional download, too. You can ask WCIFs or request Sims/lots but I can't promise anything ;)

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Here are finally some more convenient links to find the facetemplates which revolvertrooper made. Dreamwidth is kinda wonky today, so this probably won't look as nice as I want it :/

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Because it's four in the morning and I can't sleep 8C

More info about Ingo here.

No actual bingo in here but a small tour of Ingo's apartment )

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I haven't shared a bunch of sims like this in a while, so here it is. This time actually with CC versions (even though, I hate to do them because it's extra work but I know there's people who enjoy them) because I don't know when I'll be able to share things again. I need to get back to my University stuff soon because I failed two of my exams last semester and need to do some extra learning. Hopefully, then I'll show Actionscript who's the boss :D

But enough of my rambling, here's the promised sims!

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I haven't updated this in a while now, have I? Well, anyway, [personal profile] vuokkosims requested my humble attempt at a sim version of Jim Morrison, so here he is (a little bit late, though :/)

Also, I've been mainly active on tumblr lately and have been posting some goodies there, so if you haven't seen them already they're hidden here and here.

All CC should be included. If there's any problem or if somebody wants a CC-less version, let me know :)

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Part two of the 300 followers gift.

I thought about doing CC versions but decided against it because it seemed pointless as most of my sims don't use that much CC (apart from Store content) anyway.

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So, to celebrate reaching the 300 followers mark over at tumblr, here's a mixed bag of sims. TS3 sims hopefully soon too follow. :D

Oh, and before I forget, I didn't do CC-versions this time because it's honestly too time-consuming for me (yes, I'm lazy :P)

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Since he got so much response on tumblr, I'll put him up here and hope I'm doing it right. Seriously, I've never shared anything TS3-related, so please if I did something horribly wrong, tell me.

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Sooo, it feels like I haven't played Sims in ages (which is not completely true) and lately I'm just not that interested, even though I installed Bon Voyage and Apartment Life. Mainly because of Dragon Age (and a little bit because of Mass Effect) which is also why the comments in my inbox here and on livejournal are piling up. Sorry for that.
Also, DA-related: am I the only one who found the whole thing with Morrigan at the end highly unsatisfying? I really wanted to know what happened to her afterwards :C

But enough of that, I'm here to spam some pictures of what I did the last time I opened my game.

I downloaded mocha's awesome 1111 Prospect Street apartments and maxis-match'd them. There's going to be four installments to show you the made-over apartments and their inhabitants.

Starting off with the third floor apartment (for no particular reason) )
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So, I'm almost finished with that documentary thing (writing about circles, lines and shapes is hard D:), now I just hope everything'll go fine with the printing and that I don't fail because that would... well, bad, I guess.

Also, I made a community, so I have a place to post my doodles. It's pretty empty at the moment because I didn't have any time for digital art lately but anyway,[community profile] krautonaut  if anyone's interested in following.

Now I hope you'll need some more aliens for your neighbourhoods :)

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It's still weekend, right? So here are those posters I promised plus three bonus posters because I always take ages to upload stuff.

Lazy previews ahead! )

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I'm really out of touch with the community lately. My mind's just everywhere else these days, I guess. Nevertheless, here are some pictures of [personal profile] cynicocratical 's Nergüi Ivanova and the house she lives in.

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Hurr durr

Nov. 10th, 2011 04:24 pm
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So, I moved to a different city, got my new laptop and also installed University (which is the perfect EP for me and also the most appropriate in my situation, I'm finally a student, too, not a zombie yet, though :P). Now, I guess I'll be trying to catch up with all the stuff I missed.

Also, would anyone be interested in some movie posters? I've been thinking of making a few more in this style (with Simlish options probably)

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OMG, guys, I'm finally getting a new laptop! Sims will be the first thing installed, of course :D

But well, I currently in a TS3 mood, so here's more of Ruth and Parsley.

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So, lately I've been playing Sims 3 but my save game with the epic story about a gold digger got borked when I was at the point where the family basically owned the town and that's why I started a new one. Well, it's not really a story or a legacy or anything. Just pic spam of my surprisingly boring looking Sims 3 game, I guess.

Just two room mates in Sunset Valley )
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So, I thought I'd lost interest in the game but apparently, I didn't. I guess, it's more that I lost interest in the community a bit. Lately I've been lurking around even more than before.
Well, here's a small picspam, anyway...

My houses always look better from the back )
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So, if my Mediafire statistic is not lying my stuff got downloaded almost 7,000 times. Holy cow! :O
And because the two most popular sims are both guys, I thought I'd share some more with you.

I couldn't be bothered to take new previews, though )

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Howdy! Have some sims before I forget about them :P

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I need more painting recolours and because I'm picky I'm drawing stuff myself :P

First is Gottfried whom you might recognise. I want to draw his two sisters in the same style because they're awesome. And then maybe some other pixel_trade sims :D

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So, here's the rest of that house from the last post.

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