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OMG, guys, I'm finally getting a new laptop! Sims will be the first thing installed, of course :D

But well, I currently in a TS3 mood, so here's more of Ruth and Parsley.

So, it seems like Parsley's current girlfriend Molly also turns out to be a crazy stalker. Not that that's surprising to anyone.

Parsley's waaaay too busy trying to flirt with Ruth, anyway.

Ruth always accepts his compliments and then proceeds to hold endless monologues about all the wonderful dates they could go on.


That's just how a normal day looks. They don't have a lot to say to each other which is a bit sad considering they're living together.

They do share an enthusiasm for sports, though.

Parsley's attempts to impress Ruth aren't crowned with success as she seems to prefer what looks like one of his older, more muscular brothers.

"Nonono, no one in their right mind would ever cast you in that role."
"But I'm not an actor, I am the real Cheshire Cat!"

"Why exactly am I living together with that veggie dweeb again?"

"Mmmh, chicken is the most delicious kind of vegetable."

Later that day, Parsley invites Molly over to tell her it's over. She never changed out of her maternity wear since the birth of their son Eddie for some reason.

"...and you never told me chickens are made of meat!"

When Ruth sets the kitchen on fire, Molly proves she's not only all kinds of crazy, she can also be ice cold.

But in the in the end, she just can't bring herself to let Parsley burn and shows off her badass firefighter skills.

Much to the dismay of Sunset Valley's slowest firefighter.

Even later Dorothy shows up, looking rather smug.

"Well, this is all kinds of awkward..."

And while Parsley and Dorothy get down to business...

...Ruth offers advice on dealing with heartbreak.
"You could, for example, poison his food. That's a quick and easy method."

"Maybe you shouldn't do that if you decide to use the poison method. You know, because that could be unhealthy."

Then Ruth suddenly shows she might be hiding a heart of gold under all that evilness, after all.

And that's all for this week :)

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