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Sooo, it feels like I haven't played Sims in ages (which is not completely true) and lately I'm just not that interested, even though I installed Bon Voyage and Apartment Life. Mainly because of Dragon Age (and a little bit because of Mass Effect) which is also why the comments in my inbox here and on livejournal are piling up. Sorry for that.
Also, DA-related: am I the only one who found the whole thing with Morrigan at the end highly unsatisfying? I really wanted to know what happened to her afterwards :C

But enough of that, I'm here to spam some pictures of what I did the last time I opened my game.

I downloaded mocha's awesome 1111 Prospect Street apartments and maxis-match'd them. There's going to be four installments to show you the made-over apartments and their inhabitants.

Joshua Franco owns a small tattoo studio which is going rather well considering he's not doing any real tattoos. Being more or less averse to pain, Joshua caters to the like-minded by selling stick-on tattoos.
He'd like to start a family one day but so far, it's been a bit difficult to find a woman who can take him seriously after hearing about his occupation.

There's not much to the kitchen but he doesn't mind. The functionality counts.

You can probably guess most of his hobbies just by taking a look at the living room.

Many of his friends told him he should get rid of the old vanity table as it is of little use but Joshua just can't bring himself to throw it out because it belonged once to his beloved grandmother.

The tenant who lived in this apartment before him must have liked purple a whole lot but it doesn't bother Joshua enough to invest the time and money to change it. As long as everything is functional...
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